Saturday, June 9, 2007

driving deltazed

I often wonder how my friends have configured the EQ2gui. Over time I have swapped things around, rebuilt and re-learned hot-keys, and even used parts of alternate UIs. In passing moments of curiosity I've searched for screenshots that might give me hints about how to balance my display space between controls and eye-candy. Here's a post to start a discussion on that topic.

Before you click on that picture to see the detail I should warn you to expect a 4M+ download.

In case you are the same, here is a screenshot of driving deltazed during a 4x group raid. The raid layout is really only different from my regular play style in that the raid status box is up, and I have my persona window up in the corner so I can see my DPS mod status.

From the top left - The vertical hot-key bar is the one I use for buffs. One-timers on top, then group bufs, then personals. The top three horizontal expose all the melee related skills. Each of the blue gear boxes in the third row down is a social macro that triggers related attacks or a HO combo. The two icons above them represent the skills so I can see when they have reset.

Under that is a set of social macros I like to keep handy, and the double wide vertical bar on the bottom is where I keep my potions and charms for quick access.

Across the top I have my main status window. Directly below is my target. As you can see I have the main tank targetted so his target appears next to my health window. In non-raid situations, the target health is aligned with mine so I can see rrelative health easily.

The top right is my main chat window. The bottom left is where I keep my current buff display. it highlights one of the other tricks I've picked up to keep the action in high-resolution. I've shrunk the vertical resolution of my screen to provide 2 black band on the top and bottom of the screen. Not only does it reduce the amount of screen action to be refreshed, it provides a background that eliminates the clutter around the important buff status information.

I keep the 2 chat windows up most of the time, but route the damage spam to the one on the bottom left. If I'm not interested in tracking hits I will shrink or drop it altogether.

Here is an example on a smaller, guild-only raid. A real who's-who of Shades in this shot.

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