Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Titles We Share

These days I seem to be surrounded by Lords. Maybe I just notice it now that my guild has reached level 60. Getting any guild to level 60 is a LOT of work. Getting a 15 member guild to level 60 takes (and makes) good friends (plus the work).

I'll admit that I used to mutter about the 4P lords who cant find the working end of thier 20P mounts. I was convinced that many of the raid-types I'd fallen in with were WAY too concerned about beating the game instead of playin it. Mostly that came from raid comments about my inability to maintain the requisite X.y K dps rate our group would need for the boss mob.

Now I will bite my lip... just long enough to remember the day I looked at the guild roster and found an officer dubbed me "The Writinator". It was one of those things you can't ask for, but always hope you get.

Although it is just two words, that title means more to me than any in-game items that 250P could buy. It hints at the countless trips back to NQ for just-another-before-I-FAAK writ. It highlights all the late nights chasing MOBs around with the ever-rotating cast of guild and pick-up groups. Finally, it voices the satisfaction I get from seeing "Knight-Captain" written in 200,000plus guild status points.

There are two more words I'd like to add to some of my raiding associates vocabularies. I know they are un-impressed by monikers like "The Writinator"... maybe they should just practice "thank you" and display a more important personal title.

100,000 guild status points later I finally climbed the berserker line far enough to get the Executioner title. The axe and darkelf form make it work...

There is a second title I wear at ALL times. I thank all my fellow and future Shades of Destiny guild members for letting me be associated with a great group of people who share my love of the game.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

That would be negative 80 dkp for me please

Although I already have a fabled neck piece, I dont have many accessories that have magic/mental/divine stats.

As you can see, I've already augmented these with the +100 health.

I'm going to be paying for these trinkets for a while, but I'm finally getting a chance to add some fabled gear to my inventory.

It's too bad that there aren't any bonuses left in raiding Labs. I could use a couple 20 point nights now.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

deltazed does dragon duel

MoA is done!

Here is a screenshot from right before the final duel. It was hard to find a place big enough to get positioned for a picture. I had problems getting through the doorways and up the ramp because I was HUGE. I left the ScreenSpam on so you could see my new "Distinguished" title. I got screenshots from the duel as well, but they are full of screen-spam from the long and too-close final battle.

I think MoA was one of the first KoTS era guild-level efforts I really enjoyed. I was close enough to 70 to play most of it together with the guild mains on the first or second walk through. When RL interrupted my schedule for a while, I cam back to the 5th or 6th run-through and the job was done. There are obviously advantages to being in a large active guild when you want to get through some of the harder quests.

I'll admit I tend to avoid the longer quests, but if more of them resulted in necklaces like this I'd reconsider.