Thursday, March 1, 2007

deltazed does dragon duel

MoA is done!

Here is a screenshot from right before the final duel. It was hard to find a place big enough to get positioned for a picture. I had problems getting through the doorways and up the ramp because I was HUGE. I left the ScreenSpam on so you could see my new "Distinguished" title. I got screenshots from the duel as well, but they are full of screen-spam from the long and too-close final battle.

I think MoA was one of the first KoTS era guild-level efforts I really enjoyed. I was close enough to 70 to play most of it together with the guild mains on the first or second walk through. When RL interrupted my schedule for a while, I cam back to the 5th or 6th run-through and the job was done. There are obviously advantages to being in a large active guild when you want to get through some of the harder quests.

I'll admit I tend to avoid the longer quests, but if more of them resulted in necklaces like this I'd reconsider.

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