Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Welcome to the blog of deltazed.

If you are an aspiring berserker looking for the secret to becoming uber... enjoy the artwork! I have no pretense of knowing this "uber" of which you seek. I can put you in touch with a couple good raiding guilds who let me tag along to some of the more interesting raid instances.

Thank you for visiting my site. All of its "goodness" is dedicated to my guildmates at "Shades of Destiny". All of the miztakes and errors are my own affairs and generally attributable to being evolved from lizards who liked to fly and fight in spaceships nick-named "green bricks".

I've uploaded some of my favorite screenshots to lend an EQ2 theme to the site. Feel free to click on them to see the full-size version. Be aware that some of these pictures exceed 1200x1000 . The full size version could be 5M. Be fore-warned.

Please be aware of the terms of use.
<1>All of the in-game artwork is copyright protected by Sony ( which is probably a legal trademark or something). I beg thier forgiveness of my transgressions in posting it here. What they may do to people who use it AGAIN or without attribution is completely up to them.

<2>As long as you can respect the sharing nature of this place, you are invited to post your opinions and participate in any of the discussions. Disrespect is subject to arbitrary invocation of the /ignore and delete sanction. Appeal is subject to 10% chance of critical hit.


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Eramalis said...

Hiya Dz, what a wonderful blog you have! :)